You won't always have access to the web when you're travelling, especially at the exact moment you're looking for a pub. That's why we are making it possible for you to take the directory with you.
Now you can have the directory of pubs along with descriptions and ratings always to hand. Never waste time looking for that perfect Irish pub again!
You can choose from three versions...
PDA - Take us with you on Palm or PocketPC Devices.
iPOD - The worlds first iPOD guide to Irish Pubs means you can find the perfect Irish Bar anywhere in the world.
Google Earth - Browse over 2000 Irish Bars on your PC.
Tom Tom - Install the bars as Points Of Interest on you Tom Tom GPS System.

Remember the reviews and ratings are from people like help the next person by coming back and adding reviews of any pubs you visit.

Last Download Generation: March 8, 2010.

 iPod Directory
The iPod version makes use of the Notes feature to give you instant access to Irish pubs around the world. Simply browse to the country and town for a complete list of Irish pubs available.

Download the file below and unzip it to a temporary directory. This will give you a folder called IrishPubsDirectory which in turn contains a list of individual countries.
Because of limitations of the iPod itself you can only have 1000 notes. As a result you should delete any countries or states you do not intend visiting in the near future. We will be releasing updates on a regular basis so you can always top-up with the latest information when the time comes for you to visit those places.
Now simply attach your iPod and drag the IrishPubsDirectory folder into the Notes folder of the iPod.
Disconnect and off you go!
You can access the directory from the Extras/Notes item on the main screen of the iPod.

Download the Irish Pubs Directory iPod Edition by clicking here

 PDA Directory

MobileDB is a standard application on both Palm and PocketPC operating systems (if you don't have it you can get a copy here).
This version will allow you to sort and filter directly on your PDA to find (for instance) highly rated pubs in a particular city.
Once you have downloaded the file below, simply add it to your PDA in the regular manner.

Download the Irish Pubs Directory MobileDB Edition by clicking here

 Google Earth

The Google Earth version uses Googles amazing tool to allow you to browse a subset of our database at your leisure. Rotate the globe and zoom in on the city that interests you.

Download the Irish Pubs Directory for Google Earth by clicking here

 Tom Tom GPS

We are now providing all our mapped bars as a Point Of Interest file for the Tom Tom GPS system. Using this you can see all pubs as you drive near them or even get turn by turns direction to the one you want to visit.
Simply download the file below and drag the two included files to the main map directory of your device or memory card.

Download the Irish Pubs Directory for Tom Tom GPS by clicking here

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